We wanted to share a little on how and why Glow Girl LA was started so you can get to know us on a personal level. When we started our company, it was for many reasons but mostly for people with sensitive skin such as ourselves. We stopped sunbathing a few years ago because summers have been getting hotter and our skin was starting to age. I hated getting sun spots and freckles. I missed having that perfect summer glow that lasts the rest of the year without the sun damage. So, we came up with a solution… SPRAY TANNING!. Now, spray tanning has been around for quite some time and we tried it in the past, but never really liked the color or service. Not to mention, how our skin used to itch afterwards. This brings us to why we decided to do spray tanning and make it mobile! It just sucks to not know what your feeding your skin and also to avoid sitting in your car after a spray tan and “try not to sweat or touch anything for 8+ hours” seriously ?!?! Come on, is that really possible? With that being said, in the comfort of your own home, you can feel comfortable, throw on something light and just lounge under your A/C while your tan develops without the worry of ruining that perfect glow you pay so much money for. We know a lot of you can relate, and this is why we created Glow Girl LA. Also, we are proud to say, our formulas are all natural and mostly plant and oil based. You can literally read and understand all the ingredients that is going on to your body. I hope this gives you assurance that your skin is in great hands. Keep Glowing Glowers and remember … 

Spray don’t Lay!