Tanning Tips You Must Not Avoid Before Your Tan.

1. Make sure you exfoliate and shave 24 hours before your tan

2. Make sure you don’t have lotion, deodorant, make-up or perfume before getting sprayed.

3. Make sure you laser or wax 48hrs before, get mani-pedi 12hrs before, to avoid any discoloration.

4. Make sure you are hydrated before and after your tan.

5. Make sure you bring or wear loose clothing before and after your spray tan to avoid any patches

Tanning Tips To Do AFTER, For A Longer Lasting Tan

1. Make sure you wear dark, loose clothing after your spray to avoid any lines. patchy skin, or color on your clothing.

2. Make sure you RINSE off on TIME given to you by our specialists in order to get the best color you want without turning orange

3. Make sure to ONLY RINSE your first shower WITHOUT any soap touching your body and with luke warm water.

Your color will develop for the next 12 hours after your rinse. (This is all part of the process you will not get darker than the color you want)

4. Make sure you use body lotion at least 2 times a day to avoid having dry skin. It also helps your tan from fading unevenly.

5. Make sure you don’t use any products on your skin with mineral oil, bar soap, DOVE products, or alcohol because these will make your tan fade faster than usual

6. Make sure you keep hydrated. There is little to no alcohol in the products that we use but DHA levels (depending on your choice of color might be high) will just make your skin dry faster, which will result in the tan fading uneven and snake like skin