We wanted to share a little about Glow Girl LA so you can get to know us on a personal level. When we started our company, it was mostly for spray tanning. I had an issue with sunbathing because I started noticing freckles and sun spots which got me a little worried. I decided to never lay under the sun again and move on to spray tanning. Now, I’ve had spray tanning done many times, but never liked the color or process. So, we decided to do mobile spray tanning so that our customers can feel comfortable at home while they’re tan develops. Another reason why spray tanning became so interesting to me and why I made a business from it, was because of the different solution. I tried so so so many different solution but they kept making me itch! I have sensitive skin and the one thing I hate is when I itch! After a lot of research I found a lot of these companies using really horrible ingredients and I was fortunate to find a couple only that worked for my skin and has since worked for ALL my customers as well. 

Moving on, after a few years, I got so infatuated with my skin, I mean I always have, but after seeing the reaction and confidence in my customers after they get a spray tan, I wanted to expand my business and knowledge into skin care services. My sister and I both got certified to do permanent make-up. We fell in love with doing eyebrows and seeing the reaction and confidence in our customers gave us a satisfaction that is indescribable. Which is why we then added camouflage tattoo, stretch mark removals along with Micro-needling etc. I am very proud of what my company stands for and we have come a long way with only satisfied customers. Some of whom have become friends now. 

We also love to give back to the community so we offer free micro-blading for those who have suffered from chemo and lost their eyebrows once a month. We also donate to many rescues for animals and try to help those in high kill shelters etc. We’ve done a lot charity work and keep doing so because thats what truly brings us joy. 

  I hope this gives you assurance that your skin is in great hands. Keep Glowing Glowers and remember … IN GLOW GIRL YOU TRUST !